British Columbia

how to draw on cleavage

Even if it’s only an inch or two, a two-piece outfit or a featured cutout will draw attention to an area other than the chest. Plus, especially in the colder months when flashes of skin are rare ... More

how to draw a cheek

4/05/2015 · Cristiano Ronaldo hugs pitch invader kissed by fan after 0 0 draw with Atletico ... More

how to eat a giant lollipop

How to Eat a Jawbreaker. How to Eat a Jawbreaker By Alicia Bodine Jawbreakers also go by the name of Gobstoppers. These candies are extremely hard and created in the shape of a ball. They are mainly made in the United States and Canada and come in a few different sizes. Jawbreakers are so hard because they are made up of a multitude of layers. One Jawbreaker can take up to 19 days to ... More

how to draw the perfect lips

How To Draw Perfect Lips Perfect lips have always been considered one of the best beauty attributes, so no wonder women have always tried to find new methods to give them t... ... More

how to add phone numbes in facebook to advertise to

Short Bytes: A programmer has found an easy way to hack random Facebook accounts whose owners have connected the accounts to their phone numbers. ... More

how to call an australian landline from italy

Find Australia country code and Australian cities area codes. How to Call Australia form USA and how to Call Australia internationally using mobile and landline phone. Get other informations about Australia like neighbouring countries, Australia map, and reverse phone in Australia. ... More

how to handle team members who resit change

Identify members of the team who support the change - These people are your advocates for new ways of working. They are also peers who speak the same language as their fellow team members. Give them a platform and ensure they participate in forums about the change … ... More

how to become a youtube personality

Nigahiga personality Ryan Higa rose in YouTube popularity with his homemade comedy videos, and became the first channel to garner 3 million subscribers in 2010. While his YouTube fame how-to is ... More

how to clear an iphone 5 memory

Clearing or deleting the iPhone 5 caches are not so difficult now. Find different ways to clear cache from iPhone 5. It is as simple now as just one click. Find different ways to clear cache from iPhone 5. ... More

how to cook sweet potatoes in oven with foil

Cheesy Potatoes Foil Packs Recipe – easy and delicious side dish that can be baked in the oven or cooked on the grill! No-mess clean up makes these perfect for a quick dinner! No-mess clean up makes these perfect for a quick dinner! ... More

how to change from french to english keyboard

Times have changed since the French keyboard was designed, but it needs to adapt. Specifically, they need to have an easy-to-find @ symbol, and an easy-to-find euro symbol (€). ... More

how to download windows 10 without usb

20/08/2015 · My sister has windows 10 on he laptop. is it possible to make an iso from that then put it on a usb and just buy the windows 10 disc kit and use … ... More

instructions on how to drive a stick shift

Added on May 24, 2018 Caleb Cook clutch, driving stick, Manual transmission, safe driving, Stick shift No Comments How Not to Drive a Stick Shift: 4 Bad Manual Transmission Habits to Avoid ... More

how to change a house roof

Shingle Roof Change Cost Estimate A new shingle roof, including removal costs, is $6,000 to $11,500 . Shingles are a popular option for roofing in the United States. ... More

how to create network diagram in visio 2010

About this tutorial: Video duration: 9:5 A tutorial in multiple parts showing how to create detailed network data rack diagrams using Visio 2010. This part shows how to set up equipment labels that will enhance drawings and help to check data entry. It also shows how to customize label insertions so that ... More

how to become a marine biologist in usa

In order to become a marine biologist, an individual requires a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in a marine subject or a closely related field. Depending on the area they decide to work in, marine biologists may also require skills such as swimming, scuba diving or sailing a boat. ... More

how to draw a rectangle that is not a parallelogram

In a parallelogram, angles at adjacent vertices are supplementary (add up to 180 degrees). In a cyclic quadrilateral, angles at opposite vertices are supplementary. So if a parallelogram is cyclic, all of its angles are supplementary to each other, which means they are all 90 degrees, which means it ... More

how to download twitter videos on android mobile

Save GIFs from Twitter on iPhone To be able to download GIFs from Twitter using iPhone, you first need to install a free app called GIFwrapped . Heres how to use this app to save GIFs. ... More

how to change colour of site title in wordpress

Hi there since you have access to Custom CSS as part of Premium, you can make all the tweaks you mention with CSS code. You can change the site title colour by adding this in your Customizers CSS panel: ... More

how to choose a dance style

You are passionate about dancing but not sure . what dancing style is for you? Dance is the art of body movement. Dance is the way to express.Choreography always have done on rhythm and lyrics. ... More

how to download movies on mac 2017

With torrents, one can download movies, music, games, software programs without breaking a bank. With the torrents one can share any file with the whole world. Torrents can ... More

how to become a pastor in ontario

10 Reasons Why Pastors Leave the Ministry By Jim Fuller 10. LACK OF VISION Most pastors start out in the ministry with the energy and vision necessary to ... More

how to connect webcam to sony bravia tv

19/12/2018 how to connect to a sony bravia tv? but when it comes to video that's still no substitute for a proper camera stabilization rig. The Ronin-S aims to solve that problem for DSLR and mirrorless camera users, and we think DJI has delivered on that promise. 62. Review: Color night vision with the SiOnyx Aurora. review Nov 25, 2018 at 14:00. The SiOnyx Aurora is a compact camera ... More

how to make a internal privacy screen to change behind

Take a look at the technology of mobile touch screen displays -- resistive vs. capacitive, single-touch vs. multitouch and how companies are working to reduce weight while improving quality. ... More

how to create a mrk3 xts3000 code plug

Ear Loop Earpiece for Motorola iDen i205, i265, i275, i305 : Description : 4-016F2. Ear Loop Earpiece for Motorola iDen i205, i265, i275, i305 . The ear hanger is horizontally and vertically adjustable to make it just fit for your ear. ... More

how to draw mahatma gandhi

After receiving farewell tributes, the Mahatma left South Africa in July 1914. When in England, enroute home, the great war broke out. Gandhi helped to raise an Indian Volunteer Corps. In December, Gandhi and Kasturba sailed for India. ... More

how to build cupboard doors

Build cabinet doors to update your old cabinets on the cheap! Using a few simple woodworking techniques, you can update your old cabinet doors without spending a fortune. ... More

how to change media player to mp3 format

Convert any media file to any format Back Video Converter For Windows How to Convert MOV to MP3. Developed for QuickTime Player, MOV is widely used by Mac owners. However, not all platforms and devices support the format. What if yours doesnt and all you need is a soundtrack from a movie thats trapped inside an MOV file? Just change MOV to MP3 using a special program. Below, we ... More

how to make a white flower change color

Color Tips Deep colors: When making deep colors, such as black, brown, or red use Wilton paste food colors in larger amounts than normal. It can take as much as 1 oz. paste food color per one cup to obtain deep colors. ... More

how to become the flash spell

Time for Shawn to become the expert Dissatisfied and frustrated with the sight word learning systems on the market, Shawn dove into reading all that she could about dyslexia, memory, and the brain and how to improve learning. ... More

how to delete notification from facebook mobile

Messenger also includes the option to turn off Mention notifications, presumably because Facebook knows some users will abuse it To remove a Reaction, tap and hold the message and hit the ... More

how to avoid snakes in garden

Prevent snakes in your yard Keep your grass cut short with regular mowing and remove any bushes or shrubs that are close to your home If you store wood in a pile this can be a really good hiding place for snakes. ... More

how to make a harmonic drive

In fact, well make use of other tools weve already covered the Fibonacci retracement and extensions! Combining these wonderful tools to spot these harmonic price patterns, well be able to distinguish possible areas for a continuation of the overall trend . ... More

how to choose a health insurance plan ireland

Rules. All private health insurance providers must be registered with the Health Insurance Authority. Typically, insurers must also satisfy various prudential requirements, which are appropriate to the Central Bank of Ireland - these are requirements that apply generally to all insurance and financial services companies and relate to matters ... More

how to map sharepoint to a network drive

How to configure and to troubleshoot mapped network drives NOTE: After you map a network drive to SharePoint Online, you must occasionally connect to the SharePoint Online site by using Internet Explorer and select the Stay signed in option. ... More

how to add div in jquery

In this blog, we will learn how to insert and retrieve data using jQuery Ajax in We will create a web service and consume that web service in our project with the help of jQuery Ajax. We will create a web service and consume that web service in our project with the help of jQuery Ajax. ... More

how to change your location on google account

If your Google account is using the wrong time zone for where you're located, you might find that email times are off. Here's how to fix the problem. If your Google account is using the wrong time zone for where you're located, you might find that email times are off. Here's how to fix the problem. Menu. Lifewire How to Set a Custom Time Zone in Gmail. Search. Search the site GO. Email ... More

how to buy a game in microsoft store

It's a bad implementation of encrypted purchase transactions from the windows store. To avoid it, go to - Internet settings (in the control panel or in your browser) and - disable (in the advanced ... More

how to avoid concurrency issue in sql server

Lock contention issues can be frustrating problems to investigate and debug. But anytime a database system is involved, the potential exists for locking to cause concurrency problems. Before blaming the database system (as is the usual response), try to answer the following questions to help ... More

how to build a hobbit house

This is not some set left over from The Lord of the Rings. This hobbit house is an honest-to-goodness man-sized home. Not only does it fit a family of four, but it cost just over $4,650 to build. ... More

how to break up italian sausage

Heat the oil in a frying pan over medium heat, and then break up the sausage meat into the pan. Cook until no longer pink, using two forks to break up the meat as it cooks. Add the onion and garlic, often stirring, until the onions are translucent, about 5 minutes. ... More

how to clear photoshop workspace history

To delete a workspace, choose Window, Workspace, Delete Workspace and select a name from the menu. U:\On-site\FCampana\Photoshop CS\Photoshop cs4 Part 1.doc Page 5 of 17 Using the History Undo/Redo The Undo and Redo feature is located in the Edit Menu. The Undo tool will undo that last command applied to your image. The Redo feature will reapply a command that you just removed. ... More

how to avoid roaming charges on a cruise

Being on a cruise ship and having the time of your life doesn't mean you have to be cut off from the rest of the world. Everybody has some kind of need to stay connected while on a cruise ship. ... More

how to create a 2nd instagram account

How Do I Create A Second Instagram Account There are 2 ways making a second Instagram account: you can produce a new Instagram account while you're logged into your current account; or, if you have actually already developed numerous Instagram accounts, you can just attach them. ... More

how to become a epidomoligist

Patients should be advised to seek medical advice if epididymal cysts become painful or suddenly start increasing in size. [ 3 ] Surgical excision is recommended in children with intractable scrotal pain or if the cyst size does not seem to involute. ... More

how to avoid pickpockets in barcelona

Its estimated that Barcelona visitors experience up to 6,000 thefts a day during peak tourist season an alarming number for holiday planners and residents alike. ... More

how to become a successful businessman book

Building a Successful Publishing Company For the past century, book publishing companies have been the primary source of stories, teachings, and general information. Ironically, in the present Information Age, it is becoming increasingly difficult for traditional publishing companies to adapt to the changing structure of book publishing due to factors such as the rise in self-publishing ... More

how to download kindle books to pdf

PDF Format Amazon can automatically convert PDFs into the Kindle format, but you get two formatting choices. If you want your Kindle to display every page in the PDF as if it were a graphic, just ... More

how to delete folders nexus mod manager

Three Methods:Using No Mod Manager/Organiser softwareUsing Nexus Mod Go into the 'Files' tab and click on 'download manually'. place all the files associated with the mod into a zipped folder, click "Add Mod … ... More

how to download metering data on united energy portal

Metering Data Information Our portal is available to you 24 hours, 7 days a week should you wish to view and download your metering data. If you would prefer to raise a request for metering data to be sent to you, the following guideline will assist you: ... More

how to clean apple leather case

Apple Leather Care (not the Cleaner, which is highly abrasive): How do I clean adhesive sticker residue from an Apple Smart Case (for iPad)? Will the iPad 2's Smart Cover stay put in a bag? Which is the best cover for the iPad 2017? How do I clean the screens of the iPhone & iPad? How do I hack iPad 2 password without smart cover? How do iPad smart covers work? How are they used? How do I ... More

how to avoid cracking cheesecake

Too much air from over-beating can dry out your cheesecake or cause it to crack and warp. Once you mix all your ingredients, let your cheesecake batter rest for 15 to 20 minutes before pouring it into the pan. Resting releases any air bubbles trapped in the mixing process and helps the cake keep its solid form and release easier from the pan. If you don't have time to let the batter rest, take ... More

how to clean rabbit fur coat

Question: Cleaning Fur Coats October 24, 2005 0 found this helpful I have bought a couple of "craft cutter" mink coats from ebay to make teddy bears out of, but the fur needs to be cleaned. ... More

how to draw a carolina panthers helmet

5/12/2015 · drawing the carolina panthers logo. So far undefeated (11-0). can someone please beat this team! So far undefeated (11-0). can someone please beat this team! Skip navigation ... More

how to avoid network fee in bitcoin transactions australia

I have some of my bitcoin in Bread wallet and use it for sending bitcoin for everyday transactions. When sending a transaction, Bread gives you two options for selecting the network fee… ... More

how to change streamlabs obs chat

29/11/2016 Hi guys, I have set up my stream to display my chat via browsersource from streamlabs. Currently when the chat comes on screen the background of the chat is slightly transparent, however, I would prefer it to be a solid box. ... More

how to draw radioactive symbol

Beryllium has but a single isotope, beryllium-9 which is not radioactive but beryllium-10, which cosmic rays produce in the upper atmosphere, is radioactive with a half-life of 1.5 million years. Radioactive beryllium-10 has been detected in Greenland ice cores and marine sediments and the amount that has been measured in ice cores deposited over the past 200 years increases and … ... More

how to create your own ebook free

If your e-book is on Amazon, you can create some buzz by giving it away free for short periods. If this is your first premium product, make sure you tell your existing list about it and consider offering a discount for existing subscribers. ... More

how to draw your own anime character male

Manga Hair Drawing Lessons and step by step drawing tutorials for drawing Male and Female Anime / Manga Hair. Learn how to draw and sketch Manga Characters and create great cartoons, illustrations and drawings with these free drawing lessons. ... More

how to create a poll on messenger iphone

Step-by-step guide to create a Poll on Facebook Page, Group & Messenger. Understand how poll on Facebook page & group differs from poll on Facebook messenge Understand how poll on Facebook page & group differs from poll on Facebook messenge ... More

how to buy facebook likes in malaysia

Facebook is updating their Newsfeed algorithm to prioritize "reactions" over "likes," according to Digital Trends. Last year, Facebook added five reactions — love, haha, wow, sad and angry ... More

how to create filesystem in linux ext3

After an unexpected power failure or system crash (also called an unclean system shutdown), each mounted ext2 file system on the machine must be checked for consistency by the e2fsck program. ... More

how to clean a chicken from the store

Step 7: Wash the meat Wash the meat with fresh water to clean away any debris, remove the giblets, and prepare the chicken as desired, savoring every delicious morsel. FACT: In 1936, John Tyson pioneered the first long-haul chicken distribution from Arkansas to cities like Chicago and Detroit. ... More

how to drive cars in ats mac

Cadillac ATS Car does not shift from park to drive Inspection costs $75 on average. Following is a breakdown of the labor and parts estimates. Following is a breakdown of the labor and parts estimates. ... More

how to create metafields in shopify api

Developers can now build interactive apps that show up inside Shopify’s Point of Sale for the iPad. These apps can modify the contents of a cart, add and remove discounts, create line item properties and read the current user of the POS — along with all other functions of the Shopify API. ... More

how to format a flash drive that is not recognized

13/04/2008 USB Flash Drive not recognized in Q-Flash Using the flash drive with stock Bios settings the system would freeze and not boot with the flash drive in a usb port. The flash drive worked fine once in Windows Vista 32. ... More

how to make crab meat soup clear

4/01/2015 · Add the crab meat, Shaoxing rice wine or dry sherry, and ground pepper to the soup, and cook for 2 minutes. Taste the soup and adjust the flavor, adding small amounts of the soy sauce at a time. The soy sauce can be omitted if desired and was not used when this dish was prepared. ... More

how to change timing belt on hyundai getz

Is it time to replace your Hyundai GETZ timing belt? But you dread the enormous cost of this unescapable upkeep? Fortunately, you have chosen Mister-Auto, who offers you timing belts for your Hyundai GETZfrom quality brands (Contitech or Gates) at discount prices. ... More

how to change a diaper baby center

Whether it’s a poopy diaper or just a wet one, either one can irritate your baby’s delicate skin and cause a rash, according to Baby Center. ... More

how to delete all friends request sent on facebook

How To Cancel All Pending Friends Requests at Once on Facebook Facebook has become an addiction for many but surely it has its own advantages. Facebook has become a popular social networking platform for staying connected with your friends and … ... More

how to delete desktop icons that cannot be deleted

I was able to delete the contents of the file however, I can not delete the folder. It is stuck to my desktop forever. This is a huge problem for me as I do not like icons on my desktop! Save me! It is stuck to my desktop forever. ... More

how to build a tunnel cloche

The Easy Poly Tunnel garden cloche is easy to use, easy to move and easy to store. The tough UV-stabilised 150-micron polyethylene forms a complete barrier, retaining humidity and warmth while protecting against frosts, harsh weather and pests. Easy Poly Tunnels can also be used for warming soil prior to planting out. ... More

how to build a cubby bookcase

This classically-styled cubby gives toys, books and art supplies a chic and cosy home. Sleek lines and a rustic, weathered finish complement your little ones decor, while solid wood construction ensures lasting durability and charm. ... More

how to become a cameraman for films

But there are some concrete steps that you can follow to become a cameraman and enjoy this exciting, interesting and lucrative career. Start your education by learning the fundamentals of the craft. A good film/video school can put you ahead of the competition. ... More

how to clean a new flask

Regular cleaning is certainly one factor that can prolong the usable life of your flask; you run the risk of the flask developing unsavoury smells over time if not cleaned properly. As such, its useful to be aware as to whether there are rubber sealing rings inside the lid of your new flask or not; if you dont get to them during your cleaning process, the general lifespan of the flask ... More

how to cancel spouse visa australia

The Migration Act has been amended so that people in Australia on temporary visas can now have their visas cancelled even if they pose a low level of risk to the Australian community. The Migration Act will also be amended to provide the minister with the power to cancel a visa if he or she is not satisfied as to the visa holders identity. ... More

how to create a budget vs actual chart in excel

Excel budget planner simpleplanning, Create a budget and track your actual spending with our excel based budget planner spreadsheet.. Home budget spreadsheet simpleplanning, "thanks so much i've been looking for a home budget template that simple for ages, this is fantastic.."-louis fife, melbourne, australia "just wanted to ... More

how to avoid pigeons in building

Either way, if you're sick of birds nesting in all the wrong places, you can probably keep them away with a cheap little mirror (or even an old broken one). Hit the link to read more. Hit the link ... More

how to make a snakebite drink

A really easy effective way to make your dinner memorable is to have a delicious cocktail punch that you can give to your guests as they are all slowly arriving, something zesty, fruity, slightly sparkling will always get the evening started with smiles. ... More

how to download files from source code

The File Class is using the operations such as copying, moving, renaming, creating, opening, deleting, and appending to files. - Download Source Code ... More

how to build a lego hammerhead shark

I designed and made these hammerhead shark party favor bags for my son’s 7th bday party ... More

how to create secure website in php

31/05/2016 · php register form example,php register form code,simple login form in php with database,simple login form in php without mysql, php registration form with unique username checking, php login form ... More

how to become an accountant with a degree

If you wish to become a bookkeeper or work in a more clerical type role such as accounts payable, accounts receivable or payroll, a Bachelor level degree or even a technical or community college diploma will suffice. ... More

how to cancel stream labs subscription

If you would like to unsubscribe, please use this form. An automated confirmation email will be sent out to you in the next few minutes. Click the confirmation link contained in the email in order to finalize the termination of your subscription. ... More

how to connect laptop to bluetooth speaker mac

Myself and my partner periodically connect to it using either our phones (2 × Android) or laptops (1 × MacBook and 1 × laptop PC) to play music whilst at home. As far as I know, it's only possible to have a single device connected to a Bluetooth device at any given time. ... More

how to draw a small dog step by step

So for this step, take an HB or a B pencil and, using light cross-hatching, blend in lighter tones in the iris and then take a small blending nub to blend these together. Any fine details in the iris can be drawn in with a mechanical HB or 2B pencil. ... More

how to add plugins to cubase 5

5-hours of tutorial-videos for Cubase 5. Download the HD version of this tutorial from or!Cubase was... Download the HD version of this tutorial from or!Cubase was... ... More

how to change a light globe in a ceiling fan

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Replacement Glass Globe A glass globe is a Hampton Bay replacement part which we use to cover the Hampton Bay bulbs which are available in Hampton Bay light kit. At times, the glass globe can fall down or shatters. ... More

how to draw goku ssj4 step by step

How To Draw Vegeta Super Saiyan 4 Step By Step Dragon Ball Z Paul BA?rger. Image Vegeta SSj4 Drawn By Dragon Ball Wiki FANDOM Simone Schweitzer. 04 Lineart Vegeta Ssj4 By Keikuro On DeviantArt Niklas Gloeckner. Vegeta Ssj4 By Imran Ryo On DeviantArt Paul Strauss. Vegeta Ssj4 By ZonaGanjah On DeviantArt David Abend. Drawing Of Vegeta Ssj4 ClipartXtras Claudia Biermann. Dragon Ball Z Goku ... More

intellij how to create first java application

4/04/2016 · In this Video I am going to show How to Install Intellij IDEA on Windows 8 / Windows 10 . In addition I am also going to show How to Create First Hello World Java Application. ... More

how to clean a lennox air conditioner

Keeping your air conditioner's coils clean and your air filter cleaned or changed when needed can keep the running temperature of your unit down, thus helping to keep your own temperature down when the summer comes calling. ... More

how to create twitter account without phone verification

Today I am here to guide you how to bypass facebook verification process Generally For photo Verification Purpose, Facebook asks for a government ID Card to bypass facebook ID verification you can easily bypass facebook photo verification by . Facebook needs photo Verification to get back their account. Today I am here to guide you how to bypass facebook verification process Generally For ... More

how to setup mycellium wallet on a hard drive

Spending time to getting an understanding about different Ripple XRP Coin Wallet is important to protect yourself from the scam and fraud. To help you with this, I ... More

how to create consumer sitemap

The easiest way to generate a sitemap.xml file is to create it here for free. But it has 500 pages limit. For bigger websites use services like But it has 500 pages limit. For bigger websites use services like Sitemap Generator (up to 1000 pages for free) or paid options offered by different sitemap generators. ... More

how to count back change for dummies

Diabetes and Carb Counting For Dummies. by Sherri Shafer. Paperback. USD 21.31 $ 21.31 Changes and Challenges. Its clear, easy-to-understand style and inclusion of tips andinformation for students seeking a career in Quickview. Agricultural Communications: Changes and Challenges. Its clear, easy-to-understand style and inclusion of tips andinformation for students seeking a career in ... More

how to change ntfs to fat32

How to convert NTFS partition to FAT32 with NIUBI Partition Editor? Step 1: Run NIUBI Partition Editor, right click the NTFS partition and select Convert to FAT32 ... More

spotifiy how to download for offline

How to Download and Convert Spotify Music to MP3. Now we'll show you the whole process in removing DRM from Spotify and converting the Spotify playlists to MP3 format for offline listening on all popular MP3 players and devices. ... More

how to create a cool signatur

With their cool email signature templates and other apps, you can create a powerful tool with every message you send. You can put in feeds from your companys blog or even posts from your LinkedIn profile. You can incorporate random quotes as a fun variation to your signature and theres even an option to include eBay listings. There are plenty of free templates available and some premium ... More

how to change ringtones in s6

The ringtone will be set immediately as an active Mp3 Ringtone to your Samsung Galaxy S6 and now sounds when you are receiving a call. At the same time it is added to the list of ringtones. Thus, you can quickly select it from the list of ringtones and must not ... More

how to detect when an object has been rotated unity

An object can be rotated "around" various axis but isn't rotated "along" an axis (just a small nit). Given an object, you can access its Transform properties. One of the transform properties is a property called "rotation" which is the object's rotation defined as a "quaternion". A quaternion object has a property called "eulerAngles" which is a Vector3 representing the objects rotation around ... More

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how to change video file type

Technical details of OPUS files. Easily adjustable between high and low bit rates, from 6 kb/s to 510 kb/s, the OPUS extension draws inspiration from both SILK (used by Skype) and CELT codec.

how to connect remote desktop over internet windows 8

23/11/2018 · Remote Desktop is a built-in Windows 7 feature which allows you to control one computer from another over the Internet. In order to use Remote Desktop, you'll have to enable it on the target computer and find the target computer's IP address, after which point you can connect to the target computer from a separate computer.

how to delete photos on flickr

How to Delete Flickr Comments This article will address the topic of deleting Flickr comments . While free speech is valued by all, there is such a thing as a comment (especially an online comment) that is obscene, inappropriate, incomplete, unwanted, or misleading.

how to eat once a day

Eating one meal a day could actually make you eat less. You end up training your body to want less food and break the habit of constantly eating. You end up training your body to want less food and break the habit of constantly eating.

how to add darts to a dress

How to do a full bust adjustment and add a dart on the Sew Caroline Tank Dress - or any other top or dress without darts, such as the Scout Tee.

how to cook scrambled eggs in microwave oven

A quick and easy way to cook scrambled eggs and you don’t even need a stove. Grab a microwave safe bowl. Break two eggs into the bowl, add the pinch of salt and ground black pepper.

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